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i am sam

I Am Sam: A Diagnostic View Mental Retardation and AutistAnalytical Essay on the movie "I Am Sam"
Picture yourself with a little beautiful daughter that doesn't know that there is a surprise birthday party awaiting her at her house. Most families have the opportunity to spend a great deal with their children and they get many people joining their special occasion. They get to do things like go to the park or go to the circus with their children. This is what all parents usually do right? Well not all parents get the chance to see their child, and spend great time with them. Well Sam doesn't get the chance that many parents do. Sam played by Sean Penn who has a mind of a seven-year-old watches his daughter being taken away from him by social services. Later he seeks the assistances of a workaholic lawyer who is played by Michelle Pfeiffer. Directed by Jessie Nelson in 2002, who does a good job showing the struggle to convince the system that Sam deserves to get his daughter Lucy back into his hands. He fights the system with Rita Harrison, a very rich lawyer who only helps Sam as only as a challenge from her colleagues. Together they end up getting Lucy back. "I am Sam" focus on three analytical questions,first the cause/effect on the movie "I am Sam", second is problem/solution, and lastly how the characters compare or contrast to each other.
"I am Sam" shows Sam played by Sean Penn having a mental retardation. He takes care of his daughter named Lucy by himself with no mother around who abandoned them when Lucy was born. He was born with metal retardation, which is usually caused by genetics. This could lead to been disabled in Sam's case. Usually it is hard for Sam to read, write or even think right. Sam has trouble at his work named Starbucks, which later he gets promoted to make coffee. The type of job that Sam has is he has to move in a fast pace. This is very hard for…