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Ibsens’ A Dolls House

Key Question: Did Nora make the right decision? Why or why not?
Nora and Helmer;s relationship in Ibsen;s play, A Doll;s House, is a very fictitious relationship. The way Nora is treated, called names, and bossed around, degrades the female society. Feminism lurks throughout the whole play. The idea that women are nothing but a house pet is interpreted through Nora by Helmer. Helmer as egotistical as he is, uses and plays Nora like a toy for his own benefits, to look good in front of his co-workers and friends. A Doll, an empty headed play thing, was what Nora was living as under Helmers roof. The light shines on Nora one day and knocks some sense into her about the dirty self-degrading life she was living, and so she leaves Helmer and her children. Yes, Nora did make the right decision because she needed to take control of her own life and do as she pleases. She needed to teach herself how to survive on her own, make money for her own self. She did it for the better of her children.
; Didn;t you tell me no one had been here? [shakes his finger at her.]My little songbird must never do that again. A songbird must have a clean beak to chirp with-no false notes!;(Ibsen 25)Controlled, treated like a child, called names by Torvald and Nora does nothing about it as if she feared him or was hiding something from him just as the time she hid the macaroons from him. Nora is not a little girl, she deserves the respect as an adult and not be called names and referred to as a little squirrel or spendthrift. The only reason Nora probably stayed with Torvald for so long was because she needed himfor various reasons, but mainly for money. ;Yes, Torvald, I can;t get along a bit without your help.;(Ibsen 26)
Torvald took advantage of her helplessness for his own little schemes. ; …as a matter of course he will come to dinner with us. However, I will ask him when he comes in t


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