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Essay topic: Comparing the ways different white character relate to the Indians community in King Come.
The story takes place in King Come village, in the Pacific Northwest, where a minister named Mark Brian is leading a mission to learn the Indian ways and tradition and languages. King Come village is a tribe of Indians known as the Kwakiutl natives. How Mark Brian discovers the ultimate truths of life and love, courage and dignity, among the Indians of the Northwest, and other white men survive in King Come.
First of all, the chapter two, the RCMP officer was not happy because the little boy who named Weesa-bedo?s body has been moved from its original place. And the Indians have no permission to move the little boy who died on the water. But the Indians were not sure he was dead, they thought they could revive him. The next thing was the RCMP officer was young, and he took a long time to arrived, it was obviously why he has been long in coming. He also brought a girl and didn?t take this case seriously. Through all the reasons, show that he was curtness to obey the Indians, he came up late to the village and brought his girlfriend beside him for work.
In chapter three, there is a white teacher who came to King Come for his second year in the village. He had racism on the Indians and the Indians did not like him too. He didn?t even know Mark Brian had arrived, he didn?t even Mark was coming; because his relationship with the Indians were very worse that the Indians didn?t tell him about Mark?s coming. It also shown on when he returned from his summer holidays, a seaplane had deposited him at flood tide under the alders on the far side of the river, and he had stood there in rain and yelling loudly to the T.P in an impolite way. And the teacher came to the village solely for the isolation pay which would permit him a year in Greece studying the civilization he adored. Through all those events it shown that the teacher?s …


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