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Illustrated Man

Brad a man full of tattoos covering his whole body from his back to his arms. He got these illustrated tattoos from a "tattoo artist" which he plans to kill when he ever sees or finds her again. He claims that this old witch has gone back in the future since she could travel back and forth in time. Now these illustrations that he is left with which, when watched, these illustrations move, and each tell a story. As I sat there watching the forbidden illustrations come to life, one after another.
Thefirst story upon the illustrated man was the Veldt. This story was all about the Hadley family. The family who had purchased a house. This house did everything for them except they didn't get any sleep in this luxurious house which carried them floor by floor by air flow. This family which included two children Wendy and Peter who replaced their parents room with a room they called the Veldt.This room was absolutely extraordinary because the Veldt made the thoughts of whoever was in it come to life. Peter and Wendy loved this room since this room gave them anything they wanted. The children soon learnt of their parents plan to destroy the Veldt, they quickly informed the Veldt and had the lions of Africa eat them.
The other story on Brad's back was the Other Foot. This story is about the Martians who live on the planet Mars. These Martians are furious with the earth people who did not bother to care about them. The Martians who are all black hated the humans because they had no concern with the Martians. All of the sudden the human ( a white man) visit the Martians to get help since their planet is in war and famine but the Martians refused to help because when the Martians needed help there was no human being from earth who volunteered to help. The human goes back home with no help from the Martians.
These are some of the many stories told on Brad's back. These illustrations are incredible and full of


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