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Importance of Being Earnest

Thefirst few lines of Act II portray Cecily as almost the female equivalent of Algernon. She is lofty, arrogant, and full of witticisms. As characterization goes, she is ideally suited to be with Algernon, as we see in their conversation alone together early in the act. She speaks in a number of epigrams, just like Algernon. Finally, she too is prone to easily give in to her own sublime feelings, however ethereal; she believes in immediate gratification, which leads her to fall so quickly for Algernon.
This section introduces us to another semi-romantic relationship, that of Miss Prism and Dr. Chasuble. The doctor is an intellectual figure; he speaks in metaphors, as he continually points out himself, and he has a distaste for improper English, as we see in his cringe at Miss Prism’s use of the neologism “womanthrope.” Miss Prism is also intellectual, albeit in a different fashion. Her interest lies in literature and tutoring; she alone is responsible for educating Cecily. We learn also that she has a hand for creative writing. Their unrequited love interest in one another furthers the idea that the couples in this novel are well paired and thematically linked. Just as Algernon and Cecily share much in common, including a way of speaking, so too do Miss Prism and Dr. Chasuble show a similar interest in intellect. Ernest and Gwendolen, at the same time, are neither very intellectual. Both are arrogant and eager to please, and they both enjoy the same type of rhetoric of love!
and emotions. Based on language alone, it is clear which male characters belong with which female characters.
This section revisits the earlier theme of treating death, like marriage, with an air of offhand brevity. Ernest is not at all concerned about pretending that his brother has died. Indeed, he has no moral problems in faking a death so as to further his own social goals. Even Dr. Chasuble is unwilling to recognize


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