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In Cold Blood Analysis

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote is a thrilling novel as well as a documentary of an historical American crime. The author doesn't just present the facts of the case, but through his book he makes you feel as if you know both murderers and victims on a personal level. He reveals the effects these murders had on the residents of Holcomb, as well as the American people as a whole. Capote also discusses the psychological conflicts that the trial produced, and the arguments over the murderer's insanity plea.
When the residents of Holcomb became aware of the brutal murders of the Clutter family, the one word to best describe their reaction would be shock. Most people believed that the murderer was probably a resident of Holcomb. For all they knew, it could be their next door neighbor, whom they had known and trusted for years. People no longer felt secure in their homes, and started taking extra precautions such as locking their doors and keeping their children inside. Some residents even went as far as to move out of the area, because they no longer felt safe, and were paranoid that they could be the next victims. The Clutter killings definitely changed the lives of all who lived in Holcomb forever, especially those who knew them well.
This drastic event not only affected the family's neighbors and friends, but the American people as well. Hardly anyone had ever even heard of the peaceful little country town of Holcomb, Kansas. But when word got out what had taken place there, everyone became immediately interested and concerned. The newspaper headlines soon circulated throughout the country, and reporter upon reporter flocked to Kansas. The Clutters were characterized as the "American dream." They were prosperous, successful, and loved by all who knew them. People all over the country were shocked to realize that this "American dream" could so easily be shattered by two men with a shotgun. Pe


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