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In Country Out of this World

What do you think about when CNN network flashes across the screen; one thousand dead in bombing raid in Iran?You are probably thinking, "Wow what a horrible thing to happen to those poor soldiers, what's for dinner?"It may be easy for the people on the home front to dismiss the incident, but for the soldiers that are present is not so easily overcome. Bobbie Ann Mason's In Country is a novel that deals with the Vietnam War on a personal level. It is told through the viewpoint of Sam Hughes, a teenage girl whose father was killed in Vietnam before she was born. Through her narration, readers learn that the Vietnam War affected everyone on some level, whether they were personally involved in it or not. Samantha Hughes’s father died in Vietnam. Emmet Hughes, her uncle returned with deep scars from the experience. The novel centers on their close relationship; she tries to find out about her father and to understand the war; he is trying to create a life for himself. The story culminates in a trip they take to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC.
M*A*S*H was and still is a very popular television show.However, its popularity is often questioned in the manner of; is it popular because it;s good, or is it because the veterans of war can relate to the show?I view M*A*S*H simply because it is a great show with a lot of good plot, with plenty of texture.On the other side, Emmet views M*A*S*H in a much different manner than I, he watches it because it is something that he can relate to.He tries to be like Clinger, a cross dressing freak, and dressing up just like he does.Emmet has a questionable sexuality problem, but Sam, his niece, quickly dismisses that by telling all that he is, indeed, straight.
Sam, a bright-eyed girl who has a dark past, tries to piece her life together throughout the novel. Sam has discovered that her father, whom she has known only throu


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