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In Frank McCourt

In Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes the reasons for which Angela and her future husband left Ireland for New York were simple. Angela was sent to New York by her mother because she said Angela was worthless and there was plenty of room in America for useless people. As for Malachy, Angela's future husband, he escaped to New York from Ireland because he had a price put on his head from fighting with the Old IRA. He became a fugitive and his only way out was to escape to America. Later after the McCourts were married and had children, they eventually had to leave New York. They had to leave because New York was going through a depression along with the rest of America and there was not much work. The McCourts could not afford to stay in New York. Angela and Malachy also suffered the loss of there little girl, Margaret. After the loss of their daughter the McCourts could not bare to stay in New York anymore. The McCourts made a terrible mistake by leaving New York. They made a terrible mistake because shortly after they left, America was coming out of the depression and there were more jobs. The McCourts left the hardships in New York to the even worse conditions of a poorer Ireland. In America people were free and could have more better job opportunities. By choosing to leave New York the McCourts gave up any opportunity they had to having a better life for themselves. The McCourts appeared to have gained nothing by moving back to Ireland. There were hardly any jobs and the ones that were available did not 3 pay that much. The McCourts also did not get any help from the government nor barely any help from their family that lived there. The McCourts left New York and only made their situation worse for themselves. They should have just stayed in New York so that their children could of had at least some chance of a decent life. In Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes the reasons for which Angela and her future husband lef…


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