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In the Shadow of Man

Jane Goodall is the author of the book, In the Shadow of Man.She is an independent scientist, specifically a zoologist, who studies the behavior of animals.She is known for her studies done in Tanzania, Africa on chimpanzees.She studied primates and has discovered many groundbreaking similarities between humans and animals that no woman ever had.Through her discoveries she became a world well-known researcher.She was something like a pioneer for all primate studies that came after her.Many people's views of chimpanzees, and other animals, has been altered, if not completely changed because of her perspective.
In the beginning of the book Goodall was doing a lot of observing the chimpanzees at a distance.The chimpanzees were afraid of her and would not let her get close to them.They were afraid of their safety and wanted to watch Goodall to make sure she was not going to hurt them.Gradually, after a long time, the chimpanzees got used to her and they accepted her.At that point she could study them up close.She would go up to them and sit down and study them.However, this took many months of Goodall being patient and persistent to understand the animals.She was living in the chimpanzees environment and had to gain their confidence and trust through daily contact with them.Everyday she looked through the forest and had to make sure she did not get to close to the chimpanzees.Sometimes she would observe the chimpanzees by looking through binoculars from a peak that overlooked the forest.She did not want to disturb their normal and natural behaviors.She was taking notes everyday on what she observed and wanted it to be as accurate as possible.She wrote detailed reports.Often times she gathered data to help her research.She wanted to learn things that no one else knew.She was interested in acquiring knowledge or insight into humans evolutionary past.She figured the only way to do this wou…


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