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Incidents in the life of a slave girl

Chapter 1: I feel bad that Aunt Martha doesn't ever get her money back.She worked so hard for so many years to earn that money to buy her children's freedom and now she'll have to start all over again.It is very demeaning to Linda for her to work for her dead mistresses daughter who is 5 years old.That is less than half her age.
Chapter 2: It's a good thing that William, Linda's brother got to live with her.It must have been good to have family around.I think that's so mean when Dr. Flint sells Aunt Martha, she was supposed to get her freedom when her mistress died.Linda has already lost so many people.Her mother, her friend, and suddenly, her father too.
Chapter 3: This chapter is a display of the hardships that the slaves faced, especially on the day that they would be sold off to different families.Also, slaves that had been in a family for years would just be sold off at any price, small or large.
Chapter 4: I think Benjamin was a very brave person, and I'm happy he escaped to New York.
Chapter 5: I think that Linda and Dr. Flint have a disgusting relationship and I think that Dr. Flint is a mean, cruel man.The story of the two sisters is really sad because it shows that skin color was very important back then.The color of the sister's skin determined their life style.When Dr. Flint realizes that Linda wont give in to his sexual demands, he makes her his daughter's nurse, which is bad because then Linda has to sleep wherever the daughter sleeps, and when Dr. Flint moves his daughter into his room, Linda ha to sleep there and that makes Linda uncomfortable, which is what Dr. Flint wants.
Chapter 6: When Mrs. Flint recognizes what is going on between Linda and Dr. Flint she becomes angry and makes Linda sleep in a room that is connected to her own.This makes Linda realize that Ms. Flint is very weak and threatened by Linda, which is also what Dr. Flint wan…


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