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Incidents of a slave girl

In Harriet Jacob’s “Incidents in the life of a Slave Girl” Linda Brent reveals the unique brutalities that were inflected on enslaved women that would make one believe that it was best to be dead then to be a slave.
“Incidents” discussed the economics of slavery; the quest for freedom; pain and suffering (physical and emotional) community support and family loyalty; resistance and the issue of literacy.It also includes moral conflict between slavery and Christianity; color prejudice; racism; the bond of motherhood, family loyalty; abandonment and the distrust between the blacks slaves and their slave owners.
Linda mentions how a black slave was almost beaten to death, because he was arguing with his wife.I was moved on that, because I thought the slave’s owners did not care much for the slaves and then for him to protect the female slave for her husband because he had children by her, got me confused.Is the slave owner showing that he cares or was he just protecting his property?
I did not like that William was severely reprimanded by his father for answering to his mistress instead of his father when being summoned by the both of them.William was perplexed about whom he was supposed to go to and he had to learn the hard way.I think William should have been warned about whom he should go tofirst, but that would be too much like right.
I felt emotionally drained in regards to the daily torments Linda had to endure in the Flint household.Not only did she have to avoid the pursuit of Dr. Flint, she also was exposed tot he jealous rage of Mrs. Flint, who instead of trying to protect Linda, sees her as responsible for arousing her husbands’ lust.Linda was between a rock and a hard place, between her lustful, master and his emotionally insecure wife.
Another form of punishment was tying a rope around a person’s body, hanging him over a fire, which a piece of fat dripped on their bare flesh.This is just another e…


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