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Independence Day

Use of Technology and Special Effects in the Film "Independence Day"
Roland Emmerich's science-fiction film "Independence Day",made in 1996, is one of the most spectacular blockbusters of all time, winning even a prize for its truly remarkable special effects sequences. But if this film didn't depend so much on the use of technology for its impact, would it still have the same success?
The story itself is about a huge alien mother ship that takes up an orbit around the moon on July 1st. A bunch of smaller ships take off and attack the major cities of the world. A small group of humans lead the fight to eventually save the world. In general, the special effects in the film are really awesome – and to what extent did they contribute to this film?
On the whole, with technology becoming better we begin to see more and different types of special effects bringing magic onto the screen. Setting, costumes and make-up, computer animation, music and sound effects – these are the more modern techniques that are widely used for creating incredible visual effects. In my opinion such technology techniques contribute enormously to modern films as they improve their quality – filmmakers create endless possibilities and bring dreams, illusions and fantasies to life. For instance, special effects were very effectively used in "Independence Day", considering that there filmmakers had used computers to simulate giant space ships and planets being blown to bits. In addition, the scenes where the aliens started blowing up the city, as well as the end battle between Earth and the aliens enveloped the viewer into perfect illusion.
However, it seems to me that this film relied entirely on the use of technology for its impact, because the plot did not move me at all. While watching "Independence Day", I got the impression that it was just another film built around the idea that if the …