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Indian Movies; Are They Bad

People usually know more about their own culture, but people also know something about
other cultures too, whether it is true or not. A white man’s perspective may be very
different than an Indians perspective when it comes to the Indian culture. I once fell into
that white man’s category and thought Indians were evil, worthless, and scary. Well, it
came from watching movies that have portrayed Indians that way. Many movies such as
the famous John Wayne movie The Searchers,have made the Indian culture look like
they are no better than dirt. While there are many of these mythical Indian movies, there
are hardly any movies such as Smoke Signals, that portray who Indians really are. Thus,
the majority of Indian movies, which were made by white people, have negatively
influenced Indian culture with stereotypes that are very hateful towards the Indian culture.
Why is it that when little kid’s play Cowboys and Indians they almost always want to
be the Cowboy? My mother told me a true story about this little Indian kidfrom church.
My mom was at church and she watched as this little Indian kid wanted to play cowboys
and Indians with this other kid. They both started to argue about who was going to be the
cowboy because they both wanted to be him. Doesn’t that seem weird that no matter what
culture kids are brought up in they still want to be the cowboy? I wonder why, maybe
because the cowboys are portrayed as being good, and the Indian are portrayed as being
bad in almost all of the old western movies. Nobody wants to be the bad guy.
Western movies have perverted our perception ofIndians and have made it difficult
for us to know or understand Indian culture. Few images are more corrupted than that of
the American Cowboy and Indian movies. There are many of these movies and usually
there are no Indian characters, no individuals with a personal history or evena point of
view about the …


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