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Initiation-a new beginning-in Earnest Hemingway?s Indian Cam

The reason why I have chosen this topic ?°initiation?± to discuss is that the issue of looking at life and picking up a new experience which might change the current viewpoint is a topic that is not only interesting in a thesis paper, but also a theme of life. Every person has an experience of death within the family or the death of other people sooner or later. But what he gets out of this experience for life is different for every person. It certainly depends on interpersonal relationships. It is, more or less, an initiation into another way of thinking. Earnest Hemingway??s Indian Camp appears to be a good example: it shows in what special kind of way the character behaves and thinks at the beginning of the story and after having had the experience.
The story Indian Camp by Earnest Hemingway is about a boy called Nick who goes with his father, who is a doctor, and his uncle George to an Indian Camp, where a Indian woman is having her labors.
After some Indians guided them to the shanty house the pregnant woman is lying in, the doctor gets immediately down to work. He explains to Nick that the operation is a little problematic if a child doesn??t want to be born. The pregnant woman is lying in the lower part of a bunk. Her husband is lying in the upper one, turned around in his bed, when the men entered the shanty. Then the doctor helps with the childbirth and explains to Nick, in the way you tell a little boy something, what he is doing step by step. He has to do a caesarean on the woman and the only instruments he has are a knife and a tapered gut leader. After the successful delivery the doctor looks for the husband. He finds him with his throat cut lying dead in his bed. He orders Uncle George to bring Nick out of the shanty immediately. After this horrible experience Nick asks his father why this man killed himself and if it is hard to die. “No… it all depends” Nicks father answers. On the way home Nick is qu…


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