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Inot the Wild

Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer is a compelling story of a young man, Chris McCandless, who had an unforgiving respect of nature and an immeasurable level of unintended recklessness.McCandless harshly reposed a radical change in his life by living in the wild of Alaska.After McCandless graduated from Emory University, with a degree in History and Political Science, his burning desire to compete with nature under extreme circumstances forced him to give up everything that was important to him.He left his family, gave up his dream of going to law school, abandoned his car, and gave twenty five thousand dollars to charity.McCandless changed his way of thinking and living for a soul-testing challenge that resulted in his captivating death.
Shortly after Outside magazine published Krakauer's article entitled "Death of An Innocent" in 1993, his immense personal aspirations lead him to the scrutiny of McCandless's adventure.Krakauer's deep interest about the circumstances surrounding McCandless’s death and a personal bond he felt with this young man initialized Krakauer;s journey to discover some answers.
Jon Krakauer displayed a strong skill of investigation in his novel, Into The Wild.Krakauer displays thorough details about McCandless;s life, piecing together letters and interviews with the people McCandless stumbled upon, along with the sporadic journal entry by McCandless himself.Krakauer did a tremendous job researching the history of the Stampede Trail, a trail undertaken by McCandless.He stated, ;The trail was blazed in the 1930s by a legendary Alaska miner named Earl Pilgrim; it led to antimony claims he’d staked on Stampede Creek, above the Clearwater Fork of the Toklat River."
In 1961, a Fairbanks company, Yutan Construction, won a contract from the new State of Alaska (statehood having been granted just two years earlier) to upgrade the trail, buil


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