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Ralph Roberts is an old man who lives in Derry, Maine (USA).
He has a problem : he can’t sleep.Every morning he keeps waking up earlier; 3:15…3:02…2:45, and he can’t go back
to sleep once he wakes up.Then he starts to have hallucina-
tions, he can see auras.Since his wife died this problem started. Then he sees that his neighbour, and good friend,
Ed Deepneau, has gone mental and that he beats the hell out
of his wife Helen.Ed keeps telling Ralph that the Krimson
King will destroy the baby-killers and that Ralph shouldn’t
One night Ralph was sitting in the dark, and suddenly he saw 2 bald doctors with scissors coming up to a neighbours’house
and they have a golden aura.He saw the two men going inside
and called the police.When the police arrived, it seemed
his neighbour had a hart attack.Later he will understand that awesome and terrifying forces are at work.
He meets the doctors together with Lois (the only other person
besides him and Ed that can see the aura’s and lift to a
higher level of existence) and they become friends.
The Doctors are simply the bringers of Death and that is
why they carry scissors, to cut the aura’s and so take life.
they tell Ralph and Lois that the Universe has several levels with Short-Times (humans), Long-Times (higher beings) and
beings that live forever.In the taking of human lives, everone has a destiny, Random Purpose or Higher Purpose.
Ralph and Lois are Higher Purpose because they have a
mission : to stop Ed and Atrophos (another Doctor who takes
life from the Random byfirst taking an object from that person and then cutting their aura)and the Krimson King
from killing a boy. The boy is the son of Susan Day.
She is a Pro-abortion activist who is going to speak at a
In the future her boy is going to rescue a very important


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