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The book I read is called Insomnia, and it was written by Stephen King. I thought this book was very enjoyable. The way Mr. King writes is extremely descriptive, allowing the reader to feel as if he or she is really there. Many of the passages are so real that the reader can experience all the senses described in the section. On page 14 Mr. King writes: "Ralph had walked much farther out the Harris Avenue Extension than usual that day, possibly because thunderheads had blotted out the sun and a cool, if sporadic, breeze had begun to blow. He had fallen into a kind of trance, not thinking of anything, not watching anything but the dusty toes of his sneakers, when the four-forty-five United Airlines flight from Boston swooped low overhead, startling him back to where he was with the teeth-rattling whine of its jet engines."You can feel, hear and see what is described here. You can feel the breeze and smell the dust. You can hear the jet engines as the plane flies over your head. You can even see the thunderheads and the jet, and the dust swirling around in the breeze. Even though he does not actually say that there is dust swirling in the breeze, he implies that there is by saying that his shoes are dusty and there is a breeze. When there is dust on your shoes a breeze coming up, you automatically assume that there is dust on the ground and the breeze is blowing the dust around.
This book made me feel as if I were standing with the characters in the book. The author describes the people and settings in such detail that you feel as though you can actually hear the voices of the people speaking and see them gesturing. The author describes their tones of voice and gestures very well.
I think this book is aimed towards adults and older teenagers. Some of the language is a bit harsh for young people, and there are quite a few long words and terms, legal and otherwise, that younger people most likely would not understand.


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