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inspector calls

It was not until I had finished typing up this document that I realised it had become quite so involved and, as a result, I run the risk of losing the interest of the reader before I have even begun. However, I trust I will be forgiven this failing for I feel that despite its length there is much in it that is of interest, even importance. Certainly, I have found that by putting all my thoughts and experiences down on paper 1 have a far more structured view of what KS4 English and English literature are all about and I can now prepare a topic or piece of literature with more confidence than I would ever have thought possible.
The writing of this was undertaken at various points in the six weeks it took to complete the unit and therefore it might well appear a little disjointed. I have not spent a great deal of time on its presentation, nor is the quality of the typing anything other than acceptable. However, the strength of the document lies in its common-sense approach. Within these pages lie the answers to a number of questions which many colleagues have asked in relation to the teaching of KS4. The purpose of this document is to show how the play ‘An Inspector Calls’ by JB Priestley can be studied as part of a combined GCSE English/Literature course, fulfilling a number of the requirements of both syllabuses.
When choosing a piece of literature, the most important consideration is what area of the literature syllabus you intend to concentrate on. All literature texts should be looked at in light of one or more of the following areas of study:
I have decided to concentrate on ‘Plot and Structure’ and ‘ Characterisation’, although all the other categories could be covered. I always feel a little uncomfortable studying ‘Style’ with anything other than a top group so I would tend to steer clear of that. The group I will be preparing work for is a Division 1 group of average ability, either Year 10 or Year 11. It is hard to envisag…


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