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In this book, Chyna was forced to fight with Vess, while fighting against her
own inner demons which were constantly coming at her. Chyna had a very hard life
up until she was able to run away. She had lived through abuse that no one should
have to go through. Her mother was not a good mother. She let her child be exposed
to drugs, drinking, and murder. Because of this emotional abuse, Chyna is forced to
fight with the demons put inside her by the person who should love her the most —
In this book the man vs man conflict was between Chyna Shepherd and the
killer, Edgler Vess. Throughout the whole story these two characters were
constantly battling one another. In the beginning of the story, Chyna was battling
Vess by trying to keep herself hidden from him while he was driving. Later when
discovered she was there, Chyna and Vess had theirfirst face to face conflict. In
the end this battle of man vs man was won by the good guy (girl).
In this book Chyna was forced to go against her own human nature and try to
save a girl that she had never met. Everything in her wanted to hide away under
the bed, but she knew that if she gave into her own nature she would not be able to
live with herself knowing that a poor child died. Going against everything that
had saved her from being hurt when she was younger, Chyna threw herself in the
face of danger to save this poor child.
The title Intensity fits this book like a glove. I found not one moment when
this book wasn't intense in some way or another. The book started off with a fast
car scene and continued to get better from there. By the end of thefirst chapter
five people where dead, and one woman was


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