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Intensive Care by Echo Heron

In this book Echo Heron offers an authentic and humorous look into the inner workings of a hospital and its staff.Some of the unbelievable stories she describes give her readers a sense of how exciting, strange and varied the field of medicine can be.Heron's real life account of her experiences as a nurse helped me to understand how vital nurses are to our healthcare system.It showed me that nurses are the ones that spend the most one-on-one contact with patient's that can be frustrated and rebellious but also grateful and kind.Nurses have to deal with angry and sometimes inconsolable families, and stubborn power-hungry physicians and hospital administration.
Heron gave me a heartfelt truthful insight on the field of nursing and healthcare.The descriptions of her co-workers, physicians and other hospital staff gave me a view into the future when I become a doctor in that position.Although I do not plan on becoming a nurse, Heron's book has opened my eyes to the ever-changing world that nurses work in.Personally, this book helped me to understand that nurses are very hard working and dedicated people.As a future doctor I hope that this book gives me a realistic way to base reactions and feelings towards nurses accurately.This book unveils many of the preconceptions that the general public has about nurses and their validity as medical professionals.Although I did not share many of those preconceptions I still learned a great deal of the pressure, stress, hard work, and dedication that these nurses have.I have a new found respect for nurses and the heart they put into their work.


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