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Into the Wild – Letter to Ronald France

Dear Ronald France, I am a student of Kingsborough Community College from Brooklyn, NY. Our class has read the book "Into The Wild" and many of us enjoyed it. Christopher McCandless really seemed like a hell of a guy.Although I have never met Chris, I totally understand his mentality and of all the people I think you would be very interested of what I have to say.
All people develop differently and have different approaches to certain circumstances. Some people might view Chris's "adventure" as being crazy only because they themselves have never reaches the level of self-understanding. I believe there are three most important development stages of a man. First stage is from ten to thirteen; a man begins to understand very basic structures and realities, which were never before seen in his eyes. Second stage starts around the age of seventeen, a man begins to see more complex life patterns and understanding of loss, gain and mixed messages. The third stage begins in the middle forty's, this is the last and probably hardest stage of all, this is when a man feels life like he's own five fingers. Chris's development stages of a man evolved unbelievably faster then of his peers. After college, Chris wanted to feel the world but because of his lack of experience, he could not pass through this stage. The decision Chris made was very well thought-out and reasonable to fulfill his need.
When I look at Chris's photograph I see a simple man smiling into the camera saying that he is not trying to be some special superhero but just learn to understand his emotions. He looks into the world with simplicity, which is actually a huge step in life. This is the reason Chris reached so many people, even though it was not his intention. He's eyes tell us that he's belief gives him the strength to go on. Although Chris looks very thin, he has more strength then any regular city man does.


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