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Is “Gladiator” Realistic

How realistic is the movie Gladiator?
The box office hit Gladiator is driven by a Hollywood plot but retains a large amount of factual information. A lot of the characters names they used did exist but were not historically correct. The story-line of the movie was one created for the movie however it is quite realistically portrayed.
The basic plot starts with the Spaniard general of the Roman army, Maximus, leading his loyal troops to a heroic victory. The emperor Marcus Aurelius, who is approaching his death, asks Maximus to be his successor instead of his son Commodus.Commodus kills his father in reaction to the news and asks Maximus to serve him.When Maximus declines his offer and plots his death Commodus commands the death of Maximus and his family. He fights through his execution in attempt of saving his family but he arrives too late.Badly wounded he passes out is taken by slave traders.He is sold along with other slaves to Proximo to fight in the gladiator games.
Eventually they make it to the coliseum and Maximus becomes more popular with each victory he has.Commodus can't kill Maximus because Rome loves him so much, even though he knows that Maximus will kill him in revenge of his family and Marcus Aurelius.Commodus' sister Annia Lucilla has a secret love for Maximus and a tremendous fear of Commodus.Commodus loves his sister and tries to bed her several times but never does.When he finds out that she loves Maximus and is going to help him escape he threatens if she doesn't tell him her plans he will kill her son Lucius Verus.She tells him how Maximus is supposed to meet his awaiting loyal army to come to Rome and kill Commodus.Commodus sets a trap and challenges Maximus to a gladiator fight but stabs Maximus before the fight.Maximus kills him in the fight but dies in the coliseum moments later.The people carry Maximus away to give him a proper burial and leave Commodus the…


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