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Is It All in My Mind or Not

Once you get past the initial violent context of the movie, Fight Club, the viewer bears witness to an intriguing narrative about a man with Multiple Personality Disorder. Revolving around three central characters; a nameless narrator (Edward Norton), his alter ego Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), and his girlfriend Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter), Fight Club is a movie about an individual who is engrossed in everything around him he does not know where it ends and he begins.He not seeks to redefine himself in Tyler's image, but also everyone and everything in society.The narrator uses his imaginary friend, Tyler, and his following, Fight Club, as a means to escape everyday life and embark upon a journey of self discovery filled with mischief and mayhem.Using several key elements concerning the film's plot line, like story time and narrative time, flashbacks, action time and suggestive language, the narrative is able to manipulate the storyline.Keeping the viewer in suspense as to not only the events of the narrative but also whether or not the narrator is actually the one telling the story.
The movie begins in a most ambiguous state with the narrator and Tyler Durden waiting what is to be the climax.Almost immediately, the narrator begins to speak, going into a flashback of the events that lead up to that particular moment.Here is where the division between story time and narrative time is established.Story time is the amount of time it takes the narrator to tell a story.In the opening scene Tyler checks his watch saying, "Three minutes, this is it.Ground zero…Two and a half, think of all we have accomplished." (Fight Club)The movie then shifts into the flashback sequence looping all the way around to the eventual ending, three minutes later.Narrative time is everything in between encompassing the entirety of the story as told by the narrator, which is about two and a half years.It begins …


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