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Ishi Living the Way

Ishi has always strived to help his family; ingrained in him is a responsibility and desire to help protect and provide for them.Life for the remaining Yahi people becomes more and more complicated as their population decreases, and the saldu presence in the Yahi world increases. Ishi and his family are constantly adapting their lifestyle to survive in an ever-changing world.The one constant in Ishi's life, weather he is living in the Yahi world or the saldu world, is his endless quest to live in accordance with the way, or in harmony with nature.
Imbedded in Ishi is a respect for all the creatures around him.Ishi feels one with the world around him, the animals around him are not lesser beings, and they are an essential part of the world Kaltsuna and Jupka created thousands of years ago."A small cotton-tail rabbit came out of the brush, hopping closer and closer to him…with a last hop, rabbit landed between Ishi's hands….I am hungry.My People are hungry. It is the duty of the hunter to take what he can.But this four-footer I shall not take.It came to me without fear, knowing I was not hunting."(Ishi last of his tribe Pg 46) How many could say truthfully, that near starving they would let an easy catch go? Not many. Ishi follows the way and does not take anything he doesn't need, or kill animals that come to him when he isn't hunting no matter how hungry he is. To Ishi what is one night of hunger for the life of a rabbit that trusted him?
Ishi shows this kind of respect again while hunting the spring deer with Timawi.They observe the deer eating, and get the attention of the deer. They kill one of the younger males, and when they are finished they cover up all traces of the kill. The Yahi use the entire deer, the meat, the hide and the bones."The other deer and the birds and rabbits which had been close by disappeared into the brush…But there was no panic…nothing wa…


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