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Its Just Syrup and Water

There is a grand war going on in today's world that many of us are unaware of, but are affected by everyday.This war takes place at home, on the highways, in magazines, and in stores.It is the war of marketing.Just about every company that sells something is in this war, with each competitor using catchy slogans and false perceptions to try and persuade the consumer into choosing their product over the other companies' product.And Syrup, written by Maxx Barry, tells the story of this war in its own little way, using satire as its main weapon.He uses Syrup to satirically compare his characters to real world marketing and emphasizes this through making his novel seem like an ad campaign. Enjoy.
As a former employee of Hewlett Packard and a teacher of marketing, Maxx Barry knows a thing or two about the marketing world(Maxx:the bio).He even markets his name.Maxx Barry is actually Max Barry(Maxx:the bio).He added another x to hisfirst name to make it look cooler, which, in fact, is actually a simple marketing technique.From his old job, Barry took a lot of what was around him and made it into Syrup. Although much of the novel may be exaggerated, it still retains the basic structure.Barry also has taught marketing at two major universities in Australia(Maxx:the bio).This shows in his novel.He has mini lessons at the beginning of each chapter, telling various marketing strategies that are used by major companies.Some other influences his career has played in the writing of Syrup can be seen in the characters and lingo used in the novel, many of which was picked up while he was working at Hewlett Packard.However, he has never actually been to America, and this is where the story takes place.So, in turn, he took what he saw on the television in Australia and used that as his backdrop.He calls it "TV America."(Maxx:the bio)As for Barry's writing style, it is quite or…


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