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Jackie Tempo

Every once in a while a classroom assignment can lead to a great adventure. One quiet afternoon in school, Jackie Tempo is shocked to discover the truth about her long-lost mother, and thus begins a harrowing journey of war, betrayal, redemption, and hope. Jackie desperately misses her parents, who are literally trapped in the past – only an ancient text from Samarkand can take Jackie to them. In this second book of the Jackie Tempo series, she finds herself once again hurtling back in time – this time to rescue her mother from the basest of evils and a certain death. The year is 1783, and Jackie is forced to confront the full horror of slavery in northeastern Brazil. Yet along the way, she encounters a rebellion and resistance that she never thought possible under such depraved circumstances. Guided by the spirit of the slain rebel, Zumbi of Palmares, Jackie forces her way through dense jungle to find an African priestess who awaits her. Even as a dark force works against her, Jackie tries to make a rescue happen – both in 18th century Brazil – and at home.


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