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Jane Eyre

"Jane Eyre….a Woman of Independent Means"
Charlotte Brontes, Jane Eyre is a novel which employs many
themes.Of them all, Jane the main character, displays a strong
character trait of being an independent woman.For example, Jane has
an ability to survive in life as a woman with little education and no
family.Living with a distant family who shows disrespect and hatred for
Jane, she is isolated into a world of her own.She receives little education,
but many experiences at herfirst school Lowood and eventually goes on
to become a governess.Also, as a wife in the 1800's most women were
the ones being taken car of. However, Jane was the one taking care of her
It is childhood where Jane isfirst on her own in life.Jane was an
orphan being taken care of by her mothers brother, Mr. Reed, and his not
so loving family.After the death of Mr. Reed, Janes life begins to slowly
worsen for her.Life at Gateshed, the Reeds' estate, is hard for Jane.Her
three step-cousins and aunt show disrespect and hatred towards her.
Because the three cousins, John, Eliza, and Georgiana constantly harass
Jane.At times, she is so distraught from her cousins' actions that she
isolates herself from them from them, trying to build an imaginary wall
between her and her so-called family."It is well I drew the curtain,"
thought I; and wished fervently he might not discover my hiding place…,"
Jane is forced to survive on her own in life.With little education as
a young child, she has many experiences at herfirst and only school,
Lowood, which help her to mature and obtain skills to enter the world as
a young independent woman.For one, she learns to love and receives
love from two people in particular who she becomes close with, Helen
Burns and Miss Temple.This love, which Jane never receive


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