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Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre was originally a book, by Charlotte Bronte. It has now been made into a movie. There are two versions of the movie the BPC version, which is the British version and the American version. Both movies are very good and tell the story different. The British version is more like the book. It tells most scenes from the book. The American is shorter and doesn't tell the whole story of Jane Eyre's life. The American version has a bigger budget, you can tell by the settings, actors, and clothing and where it was filmed. The American version has great settings. It's looks very realistic but in the BPC version it looks at bit fake. When Jane Eyre is a young girl she is aggressive and stands up for her rights. Both actresses who play Jane Eyre when she is young are both very talented and play her part very well. When Jane is older she is shy, quiet and still very nice. Both actresses played the part very well.The actress
who plays Jane Eyre in the American version was more like Jane herself; she seemed shy, quiet and very nice. But in the BPC version the actress who played Jane seemed to be not that shy but still very nice. The camera work in the BPC version wasn't very good compared to the camera work in the American version. The actor who played Mr Rochester in the American version was older compared to the BPC version, he was more serious than the Mr Rochester in the BPC version. Mr Rochester in the BPC version was had some sense of humor and got pretty angry when he was angry. The clothing in both movies both had similar styles to each other. The clothing was a kind of Victorian style. Overall both movies where great to see. I prefer the American version better because it had Famous and talented actors. It was a great movie and it was very interesting whereas the BPC version was a bit too long and got a bit boring.