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Name of film: Jaws
The film Jaws directed by Steven Spielberg is an example of a film done in the Classical Narrative structure.This is so because it has the three basic elements of the classical structure:setup, confrontation, and resolution.The film jaws is about a Chief Brody, who moves to Amity Island, a summer beach town, from New York.During hisfirst summer, Brody is faced with shark attacks.Hisfirst reaction is to close the beaches, but the Mayor will not let him do that.The chief, along with marine biologist Hooper, and shark hunter Quint, go out onto the water and hunt the shark.
The setup in this film occurs at the beginning, when thefirst victim of the shark is taken.A girl is swimming in the ocean, and is attacked by the shark.This is Brody'sfirst encounter with a shark, and leaves him with the question of "what to do?"The confrontation is between the three men, Brody, Hooper, and Quint, and the shark.All three men have their own reason to get the shark, brody wants safe beaches, Hooper wants to study it, and Quint wants money.The three men go out on Quints boat, and hunt the shark.The rising action is when they plug the shark with barrels.The climax occurs when the shark makes its final attack on the boat, and leaps onto the back of the boat.The resolution comes when Chief Brody climbs to the mast of the Orca, after he shoves an oxygen tank into the sharks mouth.On top of the mast he shoots the tank and blows the shark up.The Protagonist of the film is Chief Brody, because he wants to protect the people of Amity Island.
One interesting editing sequence found in the film was when the beach was cleared out for a false shark sighting on the fourth of July.I liked when the scene cut from the people screaming, and running out of the water, to the shot where the camera w


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