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Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Connelly has, just within the last few years, emerged as a powerhouse actress in her own right. True, I concede that Winslet HAS garnered more nominations in various award categories, but after a blockbuster movie like “Titanic,” it’s only natural that she would be offered just about any role available, and I do give her credit for choosing wisely. However, although we are not here to debate their respective levels of fame, it is nevertheless important to keep in mind that recognition for challenging and critically acclaimed roles generally emerge only AFTER public acknowledgement. Up until “A Beautiful Mind,” Jennifer Connelly was largely unknown to the world despite her rendezvous with fame back in the 80s after “Labyrinth.” While “Requiem for a Dream” brought her to the attention of various directors, namely Ron Howard, it wasn’t until the completion of “A Beautiful Mind” that finally set her star in motion. “A Beautiful Mind” did for Connelly what “Titanic” did for Winslet – it put the actress on the map and brought about opportunities for further success.
Nor was her performance as Alicia Nash short of the Oscar win in any way, shape, or form; her win was anticipated and expected even amongst the toughest of critics – other nominees in that category were merely dark horses, even the illustrious Ms. Winslet herself. Very rarely does ANY actress pull off a performance so stellar that it leaves little room for any challengers to contest, but Connelly managed to do so. What followed were two roles that were difficult in their respective forms – the role of Betty Ross is often underrated, for if you watch Connelly slice through the character with her uncanny intelligence and ability to perceive and portray a boundless spectrum of emotions, you will understand why acclaimed director Ang Lee demanded the role be played by her and her only.
As for the role in “House of Sand & Fog” – Connelly signed on to it PRIOR to the Os


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