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Jesus Christ Superstar vs. The

Jesus Christ Superstar vs. The Passion of The Christ
There are a handful of movies made to date, that depicted the controversial subject of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in his final days, the two most successful films that retold this historical tale were written by authors with contrasting religious beliefs. The diverse way that the same storyline is portrayed in these films makes it easy to compare Jesus Christ Superstar and The Passion of the Christ.
Jesus Christ Superstar was written more than thirty years ago as a musical. It has a lighthearted 1970's style.Andrew Lloyd Weber was the composer for the project and breathed life and vibrancy into characters through song. Though the story is about a serious matter the play counts on comic relief to ease some tension from the touchy topic. One of the biggest differences in the movie is the fact that Mary, the mother of Jesus, does not appear due to the fact the author was not Catholic. This musical has been on the scene for years and still remains a classic tale of the last days of Christ.
The Passion of the Christ was released in February 2004, and was written as a true story, according to the bible, of the last seven days of Jesus of Nazareth.It is such an intense drama that you hardly notice any background music, which is usually a main focus of a movie.This movie is nothing to laugh at.It is an emotional violent, blood-splattered movie that requires a box of tissues to accompany you to see it, and weak stomachs need not attend.Unlike Jesus Christ Superstar, Mary, the mother of Jesus is one of the main characters in this movie due to the Catholic influence of the author.This is a story unlike any other of the last days of Christ.
These two movies have the same basic story line, but very different content.The music in Jesus Christ Superstar is phenomenal and has you singing along and although the power of music is overwhelming to the soul it does not com


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