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Jews Without Money

Personal struggles, we all have them. Some have them more than others. In the partly autobiographical novel "Jews Without Money", By Michael Gold, He depicts how the Jews struggled to make ends meet. His life was not easy growing up. Gold and his brothers were forced by poverty to get low-paying, unskilled jobs. They were forced to drop out of high school to support the family. Their father was a small businessman. His big dream was to own a business, but he didn't know how to run it. He ended up injuring himself at work and therefore in turn, confined to his bed Life was hard for Mike living in the ghetto of the Lower East Side of New York City. For centuries The Jews has lived in this universal ghetto. Yiddish literature is saturated with the ghetto melancholy and poverty.
"Jews Without Money" is much compared with works such as "All Souls" by Michael Patrick Macdonald. Michael Gold was a communist all his life. Gold helped found “The New Masses,” a literary periodical intended to “revive the spirit of the old Bohemian-left-liberal alliance.” Gold was a journalist for the Communist press from 1933 off and on for the next thirty-three years. He developed radical political views and began contributing to socialist journals such as the Masses and the Call. Gold was strong opponent of the United States becoming involved in the First World War. When the USA entered the war in 1917 Gold moved to Mexico to evade the draft.
"All Souls", by Michael Patrick Macdonald was also a book about struggle. South Boston was also a ghetto and Michael and his family try to survive in a harsh world. His Sisters and Michael sawfirst hand, all the cruelty that went down in a place called "The best place in the world". This book is related to "Jews Without Money" because they both came from poor backgrounds. McDonald and his family struggled to make ends meet. Go


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