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The movie JFK, which was directed bye Oliver Stone was an excellent film.I really enjoyed this movie.It was interesting and I learned a lot of new facts surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
This movie has much visual imagery through out the film.The movie starts bye going through the atmosphere of those troubling time from 1960 through 1963.The movie starts in black and white and Eisenhower is giving a speech.The movie then travels his election run.It show's that Kennedy won the election bye the narrowest margin in history, 100,000 votes.Kennedy was always the odd man and wanted to do something different.Most men wore hats during this time period. J.F.K. wasn't like most men, the movie shows his hair blowing in the wind.The movie then moves to pictures of the Bay of Pigs invasion.The beach invasion, the rounding up of prisoners and Kennedy’s public apology.The film now goes to images of Cuban rallies, footage of training camps, espionage activities and cases of weapons.Next it rolls into the Cuban Missile Crisis and the world comes to the brink of nuclear war when Kennedy quarantines Cuba.Then Stone shows some clips of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty that the U.S., Great Britain and the Soviet Union signed to stop Nuclear Test in the atmosphere.This movie has some great images and some of the live footage from the Kennedy assassination.
After ten minutes of documentaries the movie begins to start and goes straight to J.F.K.;s motorcade in Dallas, Texas. His motorcade is traveling down the road and waving at the crowd that;s gathered around to see the President travel down the road.All of a sudden, shots rang throughout the streets.Kennedy is shot, everyone is panicking and running the streets.The secret service rushes the President to Parkland Memorial Hospital.With everyone;s eyes focused on the television a news bulletin came across the screen.Pr


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