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Joy Luck Club

The film, Joy Luck Club, was produced in 1993 by editing the bestseller novel, Joy Luck Club. It presents the stories of four Chinese-immigrant women and their American-born daughters. Each of the four Chinese women has her own view of the world based on her experiences in China and wants to share that vision with her daughter. The daughters try to understand and appreciate their mothers’ pasts, adapt to the American way of life, and win their mothers’ acceptance.
Main characters and brief description
Jing-Mei (Also called June), daughter of Suyuan, takes her mother’s place in the Joy Luck Club when her mother dies. Jing-Mei searches for her own identity and lacks confidence.
Her mother continually compared her to other people’s children, particularly Lindo?s daughter, Waverly. Jing-Mei had always felt uncomfortable with her mother’s Chinese ways.
Suyuan, founder of Joy Luck Club, mother of Jing-Mei. She hoped to bring luck to her family and friends and finding joy in that hope. She had already dead when the film begins.
During Japanese invasion, she abandoned her twin babies on the side of the road because of her decease when she was escaping from the Japanese. She lives her whole life not knowing if they are alive or dead. Therefore she transferred all of her hope to Jing-Mei after she came to America from China, wanting her have a very good life.
Joy Luck Club is set in two places. The mother’s story takes place mostly in World War II China. The daughter’s story occurs primarily in contemporary America, although Jing-Mei does visit contemporary China in the final section. These differing settings help emphasize the culture clash experienced by many of them.
The film usesfirst-person narrators, narrators who directly speak to the audience by using “I said”, “I did” to express events. By telling stories by Jing-Mei and showing different scenes


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