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Julius Caesar:

Every writer will put their own spin on a story.The theme of Hollywood's version of Shakespear's Julius Caesar is good v. evil.Did they use this theme to make more money on the film or is their version of the story told accurately?
The movie Julius Caesar starts out in Rome, 44 B.C.Caesar is returning to Rome after defeating Pompey in a civil war.He is chosen for a fourth time in consul and then dictator for life.Marcus Anthony tried to crown Caesar but pushed away the crown three times refusing it.Cassius not wanting Caesar to become to powerful starts to instigate his murder.He does this thinking that the power will be returned to the senate.Cassius and his group try to turn Caesar's friend Brutus against him.They want him to participate in the murder.
Now even though, in the movie,they portray Caesar as a humbal man pushing aside the crown, in 44 B.C he had named himself dictator for life.Caesar took complete authority to pass laws, declare war, and appoint men to office.He raised the number of the senate to 900 this yet another reason for them to loose out on power.Cassius a plotter in Caesar's murder is thought to be an influencial man.It is not told that many of the men in power would have not have had the power if it weren't for Caesar.He had pardoned him and made them a legate.Brutus a friend put into power by Caesar did not take much convincing to murder his friend.Brutus opposed Caesar's dictatorship.He wanted the republican government restored.
The day of Caesar's death the movie has him inviting the people of the senate into his house drink wine with him.Before he invites them in his wife tells of her not wanting him to go to the senate.She has had bad dreams of him being murdered.He is persuaded by Brutus to go.A man on the streets tries to warn Caesar of the conspiracy.After entering a hallway in the senate building, Ca…


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