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Jurassic Park

John Hammond has discovered a way of recreating the dinosaurs. Using the blood extracted from mosquitoes trapped in amber from the Jurassic Era, he uses the DNA to bring the dinosaurs back to life. He buys an island off of Costa Rica with the intention of creating a park for all dinosaur enthusiasts to visit. He gathers together Dr. Alan Grant, a paleontologist, and Dr. Ellie Sattler, a phlebotomist, whom he has been funding, and offers them $120,000 to come and see the island for the weekend. Ian Malcolm, a mathematician, who supports the Chaos Theory, is convinced that this project is "a disaster waiting to happen." Hammond has also invited his grandchildren, Tim and Lex Murphy, to the island for a little adventure. Together they tour they hop into two Landcruiser and begin touring the park. But Dennis Nedry shuts down the energy grid while stealing 15 different embryos for another company. The large T-Rex breaks out and pursues Grant and the two kids. Meanwhile, the fences have been off for five hours and the Raptors are on the loose…and they are vicious killers. And only Grant and the children know that there are raptors on a boat heading toward the mainland, and they are running out of time to report it.
Hammond's character was drastically changed in the film version of Jurassic Park to give a sense of innocence to his attempts at playing God. In Crichton's novel, Hammond is portrayed as a heartless businessman with no awareness of what he was actually doing. He plays the hand of God, without concern for his creations. Hammond opens Pandora's Box on the world without any regret until it affects him. However, in the film adaptation, Hammond appears to be at the mercy of his own creations. Hammond realizes the absurdity of his work, and realizes he must abandon his dream in order to protect the world from his doings. Spielberg portrays a dreamer with a business initiative as opposed