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Jurassic Park1

Jurassic Park, by Michael Crichton is an incredible book, which describes genetic engineering and the creation of an extinct species.Michael Crichton uses marvelous detail throughout the book.As great as the book is, it is not that appropriate for children who are 15 and under because of the gore, description, violence, and obscenities through out the story.
Jurassic Park is a great book.Michael Crichton uses such descriptive detail, that you could picture everything that is going on like you are watching a movie. There is not one moment of boredom in the book.Every second something new is happening or another problem in the park occurs.These things make the book very hard to put down.Jurassic Park is a marvelous book with a great plot.Yet, later it becomes inappropriate for children.
Thefirst thing that makes Jurassic Park not appropriate for young children is that it is amazingly gory.Michael Crichton describes people and animals being killed in a very descriptive manner.When Dennis Nedry, the computer programmer, was on his way to the dock to deliver frozen dinosaurs embryos to another genetic engineering company, a concrete barrier was in his way.He got out of his car and started to run into the jungle.When he reached the jungle river, he heard a soft hooting cry.When he turned around, he saw a dilophasaur standing directly in front of him.Suddenly, the dilophasaur spit at him.The novel refers to this by saying, "Nedry…felt an excruciating pain in his eyes, stabbing like spikes in the back of his skull."It then says, "Slowly the realization came to him.He was blind…Then there was a new searing pain like a fiery knife in his belly, and then Nedry stumbled…then there was a new pain on both sides of his head.The pain grew worse, and as he was lifted to his feet he knew the dinosaur had his head in its jaws, and the horror of that realization was followed by a final wi…


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