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Just how important is fate

Just How Important is Fate?

What if you knew everything that is to happen to you? Would anything ever be any fun if you knew what was going to happen? It would probably not be exciting at all. That is why fate is so important. Fate is the future or destiny of something. Sometimes we just have to depend on fate.
In the book, And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, there are 10 people stranded on an island. One by one they end up dead. Their future will depend on their fate.
In this story, the murderer needs some one to help him with his plan. "According to my plan I should shortly need an ally. I selected Dr. Armstrong for that part." Only fate would tell if Dr. Armstrong would help the murderer. If he had not gone along with the murderer, he would have totally ruined the plan! He would have messed up the sequence of deaths including his own with the red herring. Plus fate would reveal Dr. Armstrong's reaction to the murderer's idea. If he didn't agree with the plan he might end up suspicious about the murderer.
Another event that was entirely based upon fate in this story was when Vera Claythorne hanged herself. The murderer had to hope that fate would lead Vera to execute herself with the rope. "Would the consciousness of her own guilt, the state of nervous tension consequent on having just shot a man, be sufficient, together with the hypnotic suggestion of the surroundings, to cause her to take her own life?" Without hanging herself, Vera would not have completed the poem. If Vera hadn't hanged herself, how would the murderer have had her die? The decision for Vera to hang herself was entirely based on fate.
The murderer wrote out his entire confession then put it into a bottle and threw it out to sea. "There is, I suppose, a hundred to one chance that my confession may be found—and then (or do I flatter myself?) a hitherto unsolved murder mystery will be explained.&qu…

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