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Keirla's tail swooshed back and forth angrily as she stared at the small, cluttered room before her.
Boxes were piled around her so that there was barely any room to stand.
Keirla's claws flashed as she swiped at an empty box beside her.The shredded cardboard rained to the ground in a manner much like confetti.
A tear sprang to her eye as she thought of her mother who, in seeing this, would've rushed to her side to find out what was wrong and comfort her.
But that would never happen again, her mother was gone now, and there wasn't anything she could do about it.
Keirla lay in her bed remembering when shefirst moved here to Dufur, Oregon and when she had found out about her mother.
Keirla's Irish accent still lingered and Keirla imagined that it would for many years to come, but that was the only thing that she had left of her past, her heritage.
Keirla could now, at the age of 16 only barely remember her mother, she had been only 5 when her mother had died.
Now, eleven years had passed and Keirla was now moving to a new high school, full of new people.
Keirla hoped to have better luck at her new school, at her previous one, Keirla had been expelled for fighting with another student.Keirla had had no friends in or out of school, but hopefully, that would all be over in the morning.
Tomorrow, she started at her new high school.
It was 3 in the morning and Keirla couldn't sleep, it was not the new school jitters or fantasizing about the male population of the school or anything like that.Keirla was not a normal teen, or a normal Kitania (cat people) at that.
Keirla had the ears, tail and attitude of a tiger.
She stood about 5'2, rather short for her age and breed, she had long, straight, jet black hair that fell to her knees, her eyes were a fierce yellow and her skin was as pale as death itself.


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