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Kino character analysis in The Pearl

The perception of a person's character and credibility is based on ones actions and reactions, while facing various situations.The impressions that are developed by people based on the interpretations that are given reveals the characteristics that one holds and portrays throughout ones life.These ideas and standpoints are heavy perceived in the actions of Kino in John Steinbeck's The Pearl. The novel is a portrayal of Kino's self- centered acts, and his unwillingness to succumb to the reality of his poverty stricken society.Kino feels that if he fights for what he believes, he will be brought to the status of respect and peaceful living, but instead the evil that is brought out of him leads to the demise of his family.In The Pearl by John Steinbeck, Kino is on a journey to find wealth and success, while taking this journey he proves himself to be a loving protector, very determined; however, naive to realities of his life.
In thefirst chapters of the novel Kino is presented as a loving protector of his family.He seems to a good husband who wants nothing more than to support his family.The love that is reflected shows him to be the man that will do what is necessary to take care of what is important to him.As he supports his family, he protects them on many occasions, "Kino's hands leap to catch it… Kino had it, had it in his fingers, rubbing it to paste in his hands.He threw it down and beat it into the earth floor with his fist… but Kino beat and stamped the enemy until it was only a fragment and a moist place in the dirt"(5-6).This is an example of his selfless love that he presents himself to have for his son.The ability to risk ones life in order to save someone else is the characteristic that makes him the protector and loving person to his family..
The fight and determination that Kino reflects throughout the novel was that of a warrior.When he sees the demise and …


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