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Kino vs. Jonas: A Closer Look

Kino vs. Jonas: A Closer Look at their Attributes
Have you ever read about two different characters in two different novels who are so similar and yet so different at the same time?Recently, I've read about two characters who fit this description perfectly.These two characters are Kino and Jonas.Kino is the main character in a novel called The Pearl by John Steinbeck, which is about a man who finds fortune and tries to help his family out with the money, but soon fails because of his lack of knowledge.Kino's thoughtfulness and sentimental attitude reminds me of Jonas from The Giver by Lois Lowry because Jonas becomes very loving and caring toward his family and friends throughout the book.These two characters are similar in that they both exhibit being thoughtful and loving, but they are different in that Jonas demonstrates that he is very curious while Kino isn't.
Speaking of similar qualities, throughout the novel, The Pearl, Kino repeatedly demonstrates being thoughtful and loving.For example, on page 24, Kino planned for his baby boy to be very fortunate in life by having rich clothes, "But Coyotito – he was the one – he wore a blue sailor suit from the United States and a little yachting cap such as Kino's".This indicated that Kino wanted to spend the money he got from the pearl to buy Coyotito, his baby boy, everything a rich man would have such as good clothes, a nice home, plenty of food, etc.Kino also wished that Coyotito would grow up living a good life and become very successful.In addition, on page 77, Kino shield his wife from evil, "'Juana,' he said,'I will go on and you will hide.I will lead them into the mountains…' ".Kino's ambition was to have Juana be safe and to hide from danger, so he told Juana to hide herself with Coyotito while he lead the watchers into the mountains.This showed that he really cared about whateve…


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