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Knowledge in Muhammad Yanus

Article 33 (The Grameen Bank)
Muhammad Yunu

In Muhammad Yunus' words, "eradication of poverty starts when people are able to control their own fates.It is not by creating jobs that we will save the poor, but rather by providing them with the opportunity to realize their potential."I strongly agree with Muhammad Yunus' statements, states, especially developing states, must provide their citizens with employment opportunities if they ever want their citizens to realize their potential and become productive individuals.Like, Muhammad pointed-out, realization of potential can lead to many great things, for both the country and the individual. I believe, like Muhammad, the number one reason why there is an overwhelming population that live in poverty, is because those individuals have been denied the opportunities to see what they are capable of.
I think Muhammad's establishment of the "Grameen Bank" is an absolutely brilliant idea. In my mind one of the best solutions to help people in the global south make a difference in their lives, have productive lives, and have a fighting chance to make a decent life for themselves. Muhammad is ingenious in the way he brings the very fundamentals of banking to give loans to poverty stricken villagers who wouldn't ordinarily be able to open up banking loans.Muhammad's bank works on so many different levels, particularly that fact that it requires a small coalition of people to rely on each other to repay the loan that they are initially given.Peer pressure is indeed a powerful force, and it no doubt makes each individual strive to be productive with the money they are given.

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