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The movie Kundun directed by Martin Scorcese portrays the struggle the
Tibetans face in their everyday lives and their religion.This movie depicts the importance of the Dalai Lama to the Tibetans.The Tibetans refer to The Dalai Lama as "Kundun" meaning simply "The Presence."This movie explained many significant aspects of the Tibetan's culture, struggle, and religion through Dalai Lama's point of view.
Tibet has long been known as the Forbidden Land because of its isolation.There are approximately four million Tibetans; they are a distinctive and separate race and not Chinese.Their language bears no relation to those of India or China, although the
Tibetan script has its origin in India.The religious tradition in this movie taught me a lot
about the Tibetans and their appreciation of their religion.
The Tibetans in this movie seem to be akind, honest, open and cheerful people
who are at the same time hardy, tough self-reliant and fiercely independent.Their
devotion to their Buddhist religion pervades their every thought and action.Kundun
depicts their reverence and deep affection for His Holiness The Dalai Lama.The movie
starts off at the time when the thirteenth Dalai Lama had died.It is extremely important
for the Tibetan Buddhists to find the next incarnated soul of the Buddha of Compassion.
Therefore, the Tibetan government's task wasto search for and discover a child in
whom The Buddha would incarnate.Rinpoche was sent out to do the search.
The Fourteenth Dalai Lama was discovered four years after the thirteenth had
died due to several significant reasons.His birth was a unique one.During his birth
black crows had appeared.Also, his mother noticed something special about him; he
was born a quiet baby without crying.From the start, the little boy seemed to know that
he was special. His love and compassion for living things …