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The sons of Genghis Khan have for many centuries chosen a Dalai Lama to rule over Tibet. The words Dalai Lama mean "Ocean of Wisdom". He is the manifestation of the Buda Of Compassion. This is the true story of Tibet's Dalai Lama.
In 1933 the thirteenth Dalai Lama died. A holyman has been searching for the past four years for the next Dalai Lama. A young boy by the name of Lhamo plays at his farm home on the far outreaches of Tibet close to the border of India. He asks repeatedly for his mother to tell him about the day he was born. She tells him it was a terrible time and his father was sick.He was born at dawn and that's when his father got better. She also says there were a pair of crows nesting on the roof that day just like the Dalai Lama. A visitor comes to the farmhouse the next day.He has a necklace, and when Lhamo sees it he says that it is his. The man gives Lhamo the necklace but Lhamo's mother makes him give it back to the visitor. Lhamo is sad when the visitor leaves for Lhasa. Lhamo says he has always wanted to go to Lhasa.
Lhamo is awakened during the middle of the night and is lead into the living room. The visitor is back from Lhasa and has brought people and objects with him. He asks Lhamo to chose out of a pair of items which one is his. With each pair of items he chooses the item that belonged to the thirteenth Dalai Lama. The visitor and his company call him Kundun and bow before him.
Two years later Kundun leaves his home accompanied by his older brother who is to teach him. He meets Palah, the Lord Chamberlain, and is told the story of thefirst Dalai Lama and the crows. At the monastery in Lhasa, Kundun overhears people talking about him and questioning why he was found so far out in the country. Kundun continues with his education and is taught what he can't eat or do.
It's 1944 and Kundun explores a car, drives and crashes it. Kundun and his brother explore al…


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