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The Bad Cop I was not really interested in seeing LA Confidential since everyone I knew who went to see it had bad things to say-too long, too boring, too confusing. After watching the movie, I became very interested in the movie. It's rare to see a movie with great acting and a story that keeps me wondering what's going to happen next. LA Confidential is a crime-drama adapted from an infamous novel written by James Ellroy. Curtis Hanson directs the movie. The film looks and feels like what you might imagine LA to have looked like in the 1950s. The plot of the story is laid out through they eyes of Sid Hudges, a local publisher of a magazine called Hush-Hush. Hudges uses his magazine to publicize the private lifestyles of the well-known citizens of Los Angeles. The frame of the story is the tax bust of a mobster, which left LA wide open to organized crime. A mass murder in an all night restaurant turns into a case of missing heroin and high class pimps; corrupt cops; straight and gay sex and blackmail and tabloid manipulation events. LA Confidential is a tale of cops more crooked than the criminals they bust. One particular cop, Bud White, is known for beating confessions out of suspects. Bud White is one of the main characters in the movie. This essay will be focused on the role of Bud White in LA Confidential. Throughout the movie Bud White is portrayed to have a personal hatred for women abusers. At the beginning of the movie, Bud and two other officers are seen sitting in a car, observing a man beating his wife. Officer White gets out the car, approaches the house, and then pulls the family's Christmas assortment off the roof. When the man comes outside to see what the ruckus is all about, Bud White immediately begins to beat him. Afterwards, Bud handcuffs the man to a rail. In another seen from the movie, Mr. White is seen leaving a bar. When Bud White exits the bar, he notices a women sitting in a car with two men….