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La llorona

La Llorona is a legend that began around 1550. It has been told to children by older ones for hundreds of years. There are some who believe it to be true, but whether they believe it or not it still remains in memories of many people. There are different stories about La Llorona, I will tell you a few that people believe for it to be true.
La Llorona as told by Stephanie Casias is said to be a Southwestern folktale. The legend is said to be about a beautiful, young Native American girl. One day a handsome man came riding into the town she lived in and ended up marrying her. Casias says, "she had a child or maybe two or three, no one is really quite sure." La Llorona's husband left her one-day and she threw her children into the river out of all the anger she had. When she realized what she had done she went back looking for them but it was to late. The next day she was found dead on the riverbank. The people of the town buried her, but that same night they heard cries of "Aiiieee mis hijos" which means "oh my children!" She wanders the river at night looking for her children. Parents warn their children that if they were out late at the river, La Llorona might mistake them for her own children and take them.
Casias has heard many different versions of this story. La Llorona is said to have been a beautiful girl who knew she was beautiful and used her beauty as an advantage. Her husband is described as a Ranchero or a Spanish Hidalgo. Her real death is not known either. Some say she killed herself and others say that she drowned.
Another version of La Llorona that Casias has heard is that she appears to young men who are out late at night. She tricks men by making them believe that she is a young, beautiful woman, but when they approach her with sexual intent in mind, she shows herself to be a death image.
An unknown believer of La Llorona claims that the story was taken place at S


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