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Last Mohican

The book The Last of the Mohicans is nothing more than a piece of literature defining the difficulties of multiculturalism in its respective time period.The book, not to be analyzed too deeply, is a romanticized version of white American stereotypes.
The Last of the Mohicans is a romantic novel because it is consistent with the four tenets of romanticism.First of all, a few of the characters in the book, mainly Cora and Uncas, are portrayed as being dark and mysterious, and, in many ways, superior to the masses.Cora’s description in the book is a dark-haired woman with deep-toned complexion and beautiful appearance.Throughout the book she displays an array of emotions and she takes no hesitation in expressing them.This is one of the tenets imagination and feelings being superior to reason and thought.The thought and reason represents what others? opinions are, and the feelings (though not necessarily imagination) represents Cora’s point of view, and willingness to share that view.Uncas is another reason why I think that this book is a romantic novel.He is an Indian and also very untamed, which goes along with the second tenet of romanticism primitiveness, and the dark and mysterious, are attractive.I think that this tenet also goes along with the setting the wilderness of the woods.The setting itself is very romantic, in that sense.The mixture of those two figures and the setting are three of the reasons I think that The Last of the Mohicans is a romantic novel.
Romantic stories are exaggerated and unrealisitic. For instance, Hawkeye running through the woods shooting people perfectly from far away, in the dark! Nature is controlled, the wind blows at the “perfect time,” the sun has “perfect timing,”it rains at the exact moment that it should. Most movies are like that. Romantics would argue that the invented and imagined characters and symbols create allegories that h


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