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Last Voyage Of The Lusitania

The Lusitania was a very large ship. It was made to transport people

from the US to England. It had many decks, and each deck is labeled like the

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ships now days. There is a deck for thefirst class people, a deck for second

class people, an entertainment deck and some lower decks for storages and


The day was May 7, 1915 just nine months into World War I. This

day was to be the last voyage for the Lusitania. A German U-boat shot a

torpedoe at the ship and sunk it within 20 minutes. Hundreds of people died

over one hundred Americans. The biggest controversy over the sinking of

the ship was, how cana ship that was so big and built to with stand up to 3

holes in is hull sink with one.

A lot of people speculated and said the reason for the sinking was, the

ship was carrying military bombs and when the torpedoe penatrated the hull it

ignited the bombs and blew out the whole bottom. It was true that the

Lusitania was carrying military weaponry, but it was just ammunition and

shrapnal, nothing that had to do with bombs.

So how did it sink? Well in the movie for thefirst time explorer and

scientist Dr. Robert Ballard discoverer of R.M.S. Titanic and the German

battleship Bismarck, takes out new technology that will go down to the wreck

sight and photograph the wreck and get up close and personal to see the

holes in the hull to determine what actually caused the sinking of the Lusitania

What they discoverd was, it was all bad luck. As they where looking

around the ship on the ground they discovered coal pieces laying along the

side. Now the side that the torpedoe entered was on the side that is was liying

on. But when they looked for the giant hole that would have been produced

from a giantexplosion where the supposed bombs and explosive cargo was

kept there was nothing.

So they went back to the coal and went to an …


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