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"Remember the Titans" Leadership Essay
This is a story of leadership, loyalty, and taking a chance to achieve greatness despite outdated standards of racial equality that were still in effect in 1971 Virginia.Coach Boone is a great example of an authoritarian leader who will not accept defeat.Coach Boone maintains strict control over his players by directly regulating policy, procedures, and their behavior. Boone knows that he faces a tough year of coaching and bringing together his racially diverse squad, but he gratefully takes on the difficult challenge.Instead of listening to the discriminating town and administrators, Boone pushes his team to their physical and mental limits and forces good relationships between players regardless of their race. His vision for the team involves getting the players concerned in what the team needs to become, and not what it is supposed to be in the eyes of the T.C. Williams administrators.
Boone is a convincing leader with a brutal, boot camp approach to coaching. He believes in making the players rebuild themselves as a team.In the movie Boone stated to his team "You will wear a jacket, shirt, and tie. If you don’t have one buy one, if you can’t afford one then borrow one from your old man, if you don’t have an old man then find a drunk on the street and trade him for his.; This quote immediately established his authoritarian leadership style and his no-nonsense approach to football with his players.
During training camp Coach Boone purposely pairs black players with white players as roommates and instructs them to learn about each other. This idea is met with a lot of initial rejection and fighting, but black linebacker Julius Campbell and stubborn white All-American Garry Bertier end up getting a strong bond through Boone’s heavy discipline.His strict coaching style was responsible for helping Julius Campbell and Gary Bertier emerge togethe…


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