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Lean On Me

In the movie, Lean on Me East Side High School was labeled a “cauldron of violence.” After the school was designated the harsh term, Joe Clark a African American male became the head principal and changed the school around. Lean on Me is a story of hope, development, love, hate, and dependence. Mr. Clark was looked at as a father figure, friend, strict, with a harsh attitude who helped heal, strengthen, and bring to life a struggling high school in New Jersey. Lean on Me is a moving and powerful movie, but I want to discuss the deeper real personality of Joe Clark and how he treated others.
First, Joe Clark got the name "Crazy Joe" but he did not get the name out of the blue. In the movie he was a violent, angry, and was set in his own ways and beliefs. His wife left him and the one friend he had was his reflective signs of horrendous behavior. He walked around the school with a baseball bat, rather than a clipboard or briefcase. The fear that he earned is more prevalent than the respect that the students and teachers have for him. He liked to be known as “HNIC” the “head nigger in charge.” His absurd manners were strongly disliked by his fellow colleagues. He insulted teachers in front of the students and fired them when they did comply with his harsh rules. Thefirst disturbing aspect of this movie is Joe Clark's personality; although he changes around the school, he does it in a bizarre and vicious manner. Another bizarre aspect of the movie is how the director, portrays East Side High. After there is a time change from the 60s to the 80s, East Side transformed from a nice, well-kept, and clean school to a graffiti filled, prison like, school that resembles an alleyway, not a high school. There are fights in the hallway and the bathrooms every time class lets out. I would say East Side is portrayed as a rundown and scary learning high school. For one person, set alone to lead and turn the school around in under a y…


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